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We at M/s. ICEBERG COOLING & FREEZING SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED, have developed an O-ZONE Cooling System, an alternative to air conditioning, after thoroughly analyzing the merits and demerits of both the air-conditioning and conventional cooling system from customer as well manufactures point of view.

Air Conditioning needs no explanation. The main and only drawback with air conditioning is the escalation of the recurring expenditure in the form of mainly power bills, as the connected H.P. is more, accompanied with maintenance and service charges. It is also out of reach of the low budget firms and small scale industries.

The Converntional Air Coolers Comes at a relatively cheaper price. But the demerits of this system are:

  1. High humidity, because of presence of water droplets in the air causing discomfort to persons and damage of hyderosensitive substances like chips & microprocessors in computers, Zari material in cloth showrooms, & some foods, making it unsuitable for computer & electronic industries & cloth showrooms.
  2. Sound pollution, a major distracting factor against efficient working condition, is due to high noise created by rotation of axial fan.
  3. Smell, because of accumulation of dirt on the pads, due to absence of filters. Also creates health hazards, due to dust & fungus.
  4. Frequent replacement of pads (made of wood).In our endeavour, to give the customer, the best of both the systems, we have selected the merit of each of the systems, and modified the design to eliminate the demerits of systems mentioned above, based on the customers needs.
    • Our System doesn’t give a 22 C temperature throughout the year like A/C. But it guarantees a human comfort cooling at less than initial cost of A.C. And 1/4  of the operating cost as the connected H.P. is very low.
    • The Same Temperature & Humidity as that of A/C is also possible, by coupling compact packaged water chiller, with above cooling system. Still power savings will be 50%, though the initial cost may go up by another 20%.
    • The O-ZONE system performs 100% better than conventional coolers, as all the aboe mentioned drawbacks are taken care off.
    • We are not boasting when we say that O-ZONE cooling system is best suited for a dry & hot place like Hyderabad. Not only the facts & figures, but the feelings of the customers stand testimony to our statement. Our customer list includes film personalities, Bulk drug Ind., soft ware institutes, & electronic industries.

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